Dreamt of travelling to Africa? This is your chance for a unique, affordable getaway and it couldn't be easier…

If you’ve dreamed of enjoying the wonders of Africa, but don’t have the contacts, confidence or courage to undertake the adventure on your own then The African Touch is for you. Your guides Karoma & Tasha, specialise in safaris of East & Southern Africa.

Kenyan-born Karoma is a trained guide who has shared his continent with hundreds of travellers for over 20 years, while his Kiwi wife Tasha has worked with him since 2002. With their experience as overland guides and Karoma’s intimate knowledge of East Africa’s geography and cultures, they make an unbeatable team. 

The African Touch will cater for all ages, including the mature traveller, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy Africa without having to stay in luxury lodges. Until now, only young travellers who are prepared to ‘rough it’ have been able to fully experience the excitement, magic and beauty of this stunning country. The African Touch will enable you to experience the real Africa in a fun, safe and memorable way.

While The African Touch will cover many major attractions, it will also take you off the beaten track so you can mingle with local people where travellers are never seen, a highlight being a visit to Karoma’s Mama’s village.

Karoma and Tasha will guide you through every step of your holiday – they will arrange your bookings, tell you what to take and wear, advise you on what you have to do before you leave New Zealand and answer all your questions.  They are more than happy to meet with you anytime and discuss travelling with The African Touch. They are also available for contract work, private hire and designing special itineraries for groups and clubs.


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